The High Flight Aviation Scholarship program was founded in March 2014 in memory of aviation legend Ed Bowlin.   Prior to his passing, Ed and his wife Connie were known for encouraging and helping people achieve their flying goals.  In keeping with Ed’s wishes, to support young people in aviation, a memorial fund was established. The intent of this fund is to provide an avenue to reach deserving young adults and provide them with assistance in beginning an aviation career.  A memorial scholarship  fund was established in Ed’s memory with the hope that others will follow their example and donate to The “HIGH FLIGHT” scholarship in memory of their loved one.  The scholarship program is administered by Candler Field Museum that maintains tax deductible status and currently hosts an active youth program.

PURPOSE – The High Flight Aviation Scholarship program was created to accomplish two goals.  The first is to provide an avenue for individuals to create a scholarship fund in memory of a loved one or simply provide a means to assist a young person.    The second purpose is to help young people achieve their aviation related goals by assisting them financially with their pursuit of an aviation career. 

 High Flight Scholarship Program is Managed by Candler Field Museum

 High Flight Scholarship Program at Candler Field Museum